Lollapalooza 2017 - Baby Medora goes to Melanie Martinez Show!!!

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... And hello, dear noble readers!

Sabe aqueles dias que ficam guardados pra sempre na memória? O domingo no lollapalooza de 2017 foi um dos eventos mais marcantes pra mim. Não só fui capaz de ver o show de uma das minhas ídolas, como fiz várias amizades e inclusive fui notado várias vezes pela própria Melanie Martinez haha! Eu contei tudo com detalhes no vídeo abaixo então aqui fica os registros fotográficos desse dia mais que mágico!!!

Have you ever experienced something so crazy that it'll be forever in your memories? 2017's Lollapalooza is one of it for me!Everything was so amazing that I had to make a video to explain my experience with details, including Melanie singing looking at me and so on.... Please watch it and don't forget to turn the subtitles on!


The Event 

Lollapalooza 2017

My LollaPass

Doll Baby look to see Melanie Martinez concert!

M0's Concert

My lovely new CryBabies friends, thank you very much for everything, guys!!!

 Melanie Martine's Concert  

Smashed against the security thing

Little clown gift I made for Melanie. Too sad I could not give it to her because the security did not allow... But she saw it and smiled, so it's already good enough to me!

My look was still on point, but one pearl had already gone by that time! xD  

Melanie's decoration

She also sang "All the best people are" and pointed at me when singing Mad Hatter. Can I consider myself her mad gang's friend lol? Omg Melanie, thank you so much, it meant the world to me! 


 After show Picture! It was not as crowded as I expected!


 After show: No make Up, no pearls, no fake lashes and no dignity left xD Also wtf this "oh so goth" black tear trace! xD

Você me viu na tv ou em algum site? A vergonha alheia foi muito grande haushua? Comenta aí em baixo o que você achou haha!!!
Muito obrigada pela visita e por ler até aqui! ~♥ 

Have you seen me in a tv show or some internet news? It pretty much showed everywhere because I could not help myself to stop crying lol!
Thank you very much for the visit and for reading until here! ~  

À Bientôt!! ~

__________ ♥ __________

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